Doni Maulistya studied photography and design at a formal institution before focusing my study on documentary photography through non-formal education like workshops and scholarship at Angkor Photography Workshop at Siem Reap, Cambodia (2009), and Foundry Photo Workshop at Istanbul, Turkey (2010). His journey as a photography-based artist started ever since.

Photography as a practice is always at the centre of his artistic journey. Observation and artistic transformation dominate the creative process. He uses the knowledge of documentary photography to place social dialectics as a source of inspiration for his works. From his perspective, photography as a practice is more about understanding and expressing it contextually, not only about cutting out reality. This mindset allowed him to work contextually with a multidisciplinary approach. It is the foundation of his current practice. 

His artwork has been presented widely in Indonesia as well as international art events that include: Sumonar Video and Light Festival at Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2019); Photo Bangkok at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok – Thailand (2018); Artist Proof at Art Stage Jakarta, Indonesia; Ceritera at Kuala Lumpur International Art Festival, Malaysia; POLA at Jim Thompson Museum, Bangkok – Thailand (2017); Video Stage at Art Stage Singapore, Singapore (2016); Bandung Contemporary Art Award at Lawang Wangi Creative Space, Bandung, Indonesia (2015); Arobotic at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia (2014); The Stage at The Jendela Gallery of Esplanade, Singapore (2013); ArtJog 13 and ArtJog 12 at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2013 & 2012); Blow-up Angkor by blid-boys at Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia; Indonesischer Abend 2011 at Audimax Universität Erfurt, German (2011), and many others.

His art practice was given numbers of appreciation, like Bandung Contemporary Art Award from Artsociates and Lawang Wangi in Bandung – Indonesia (2015); 3 Point Award from Mes56 Collective in Yogyakarta - Indonesia (2011), and numbers of residency: South East Asia Artist Residency Program at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia (2016); Kerjasama - reciprocal residency by Art Back NT Australia, Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta and Asia Link Australia at Alice Spring- Australia and Yogyakarta-Indonesia (2015); Photography Residency at Objectifs, Singapore (2012).

Multidisciplinary Expertise



As his primary discipline, he initially focused his practice on documentary photography. Over time he developed his visual approach and technical photography skills for various courses and services such as visual art archive, visual campaign, photography illustration, product campaign, and more.

Apart from being a photographer, he also took the role of curator and artistic director for some photography-based projects.



He became aware of design fundamentals and the technical skills from formal and non-formal education. His design practice mainly focused on brand design services for products and visual campaigns for events. He also developed an exhibition design service—a design approach to presenting artworks through exhibition.



He explored video as a medium based on technical knowledge and photography practice, from producing video art as an artistic expression to serving various needs like documentary film production, video profiling, and video campaigns.


Creative Development

As an artist, it’s natural to have an ego about impacting others. But sometimes, creating artworks is not enough. Therefore, he also took part in several art management functions like Art Director, Festival Director, Curator, Producer, Event Organization and Cultural Archive Practitioner. It’s easy to engage in those functions because of his multidisciplinary attitude.